About us

About Cobotily

A few words about us

Cobotily was founded in September 2021 by a group of Polish business process automation enthusiasts and specialists with many years of experience in the European and US markets.

Our products and services are dedicated to small and medium-sized companies. They help reduce staff costs, make companies more resilient to market shocks resulting in lower staff availability, enable both rapid scaling of operations and acceleration of business processes.

Our mission

Cobotily is inspired by the need to implement modern technology in business. With the help of programming, smart automation, artificial intelligence and modern information technology, we are achieving digital transformation and improving the quality of work.

Our solutions aim to improve the efficiency, quality and comfort of work by, among other things, automating work and relieving employees of tedious, repetitive tasks. With our solutions, essential tasks are completed faster and more efficiently, without taking up valuable time of your staff who can now focus on more creative and strategic tasks and functions which can’t be done by a computer. Our solution benefits everyone, both the employees and the office.

Technological partnership

Onwelo Sp. z o.o. is the technology partner of Cobotily. It is a Polish technology company offering services and developing solutions in the broad field of IT. With the support of modern technology, we contribute to efficient and rapid development.

Onwelo has been operating in the IT market since 2015, and its credibility can be evidenced by facts such as more than 150 customers from Europe and the world, more than 300 completed projects (including many smart automation undertakings), offices in Europe and the United States, technology partnerships with Google Cloud, Microsoft, Huawei, Oracle or UiPath, among others, and quality and security certificates awarded by independent auditors.   

Onwelo implements and applies ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018 and ISO 13485 in its activities related to the provision of information technology services and products. It was also positively assessed in the TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) audit.