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Our solution features system bots that automate repetitive human work, reduce the cost of running an office, and enable employees to use their time more effective.

What are automation bots?

Automation bots are based on intelligent automation – work and process automation, which relies on IT technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA), traditional programming, and artificial intelligence. This ensures that tasks are performed with minimum or even no human input. Bots can perform anything from a few tasks in an office application to handling highly complex business processes.  

A bot is a computer software written specifically for the automatic execution of processes in the office. It can perform the processes at a specific time or under certain conditions. Its operation is tailored to particular needs. 

Our solutions can run on top of any application used by accounting firms. Currently, we are offering bots that run on Comarch ERP Optima and Enova 365 applications.  

What kinds of bots do we offer?

Our bots and Digital Workers will perform well in automated repetitive tasks that involve processing large amounts of data. 

Generator Bot – Automated document generator and organizer

The Generator Bot automatically generates documents for the firm’s customers once accounted for and saves them in electronic folders on your drive. This means that office staff doesn’t waste time creating documents and saving them in the correct location. 

By employing the Generator Bot, you will make your firm’s document archive complete and organized, and you will have immediate access to every document in the event of an audit. With us, you don’t have to fear any checks or audits!  

Accountant Bot – Automatic accounting of bank statements

As time-consuming and tedious as it is, manual statement posting and accounting still need to be done – so why not automate it? The Accountant Bot is a solution that will do the entire bank statement accounting process for you.  

With it, you no longer have to worry about accounting errors and employee inaccuracies mistakes – the bot accounts each statement according to predetermined rules.  

In the case of the Accountant Bot, we tailor its operation to the specifics of your firm before launch.  

Archiver Bot – Automatic archiving of PUE ZUS documents

Polish entrepreneurs are required to keep copies of company documents for five years. Fulfillment of this obligation is crucial for proper accounting and tax settlements. However, documents on the PUE ZUS portal are deleted after just two years. 

That is why we have developed a solution that automatically downloads documents from the PUE ZUS service and archives them in your indicated location. Now, you no longer have to worry about ZUS documents and can keep them for many years! Our Archiver Bot will do this for you, and you no longer have to worry about an inspection. 

e-ZLA bot – Automatic registration of sick leave documents

The e-ZLA Bot automatically retrieves sick leave documents of your Customers’ employees from the PUE ZUS portal, saves them in a selected location, and imports them into your accounting software. It allows you to automate sick leave processing fully.  

By using the e-ZLA Bot, you will make sick leave document input in real-time, streamlining the employee settlement and payroll closure process. In addition, you will have all sick leave documents archived in a specific folder structure. 

Digital Workers – Individual solutions

Need to automate other business processes? 

We can build a bespoke bot to automate any activity or process you choose. 

Digital Workers will be helpful in accounting, finance, IT, logistics, HR, customer service, and many other industries and activities. 

Benefits of using our solutions

Our bots are unique in the Polish market! You will not find another solution at such a reasonable price. But not only that – thanks to our bots and digital workers: 

You will reduce your office running costs

Hiring a bot is much cheaper than an additional full-time office position. The bot also does not make mistakes that would stop work or generate losses. The monthly subscription price also includes ongoing maintenance, consultancy, and updates!

You will eliminate typical human mistakes

The bot completes its tasks in the same order every time – it will not skip any process, slow down a task, or enter wrong values. In addition, it is faster than humans.

You will ensure that the office works 24/7

You can run the bot at any time, even after office hours. It will perform tasks when no one else is working.

You will free your employees from repetitive tasks

By hiring our bot, you will let your employees focus on more creative and demanding tasks that are more strategic and financially meaningful to the company.

You will get access to a consultant

Not only do we take care of the installation of our solution, but we also make sure that it runs smoothly throughout the contract term, so if you have any questions, you can contact our Service Desk or consultants.

You will easily integrate it into other applications

Our bots can be integrated with any application. This allows you to automate any process and make your office work more efficiently than ever before.

How much do bots and Digital Workers cost?

Our bot prices depend on the size of your office, number of employees and other factors – prices are determined individually.

Our offer is dedicated to firms of different size and our subscription fee is a fraction of an employee’s salary.

Contact us and get a tailor-made offer!